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1966 - "Beach wells" were installed to provide clean, filtered Sea Water for Natureland Marine Zoo at Skegness in England. The techniques devised here led to the start of our consultancy work and the formation of Sea Water Supplies Ltd.
1970's - Sea water intakes for Government Marine Research Laboratories at:- Lowestoft, (England), Aberdeen, (Scotland), Tripoli, (Libya), Aqaba, (Jordan). Also several sea water intakes for private fish farms in the U.K. and elsewhere.
1980 - Beach filters for Messilah Beach Swimming Pool, Kuwait.
1981 - Beach filters for Dolphinaria in Taiwan and Malaysia.
1982 - World Bank consultancy with Kano Agricultural Development Project, to demonstrate (fresh water) well jetting techniques in sandy river beds.
1983 - installation of beach wells for Hindustan-Lever Prawn Hatchery, Madras, India.
1984 - Consultancy with FAO to design Sea and brackish water filters for Thai Government Fish Marketing Organisation for hygienic fish washing in the fish markets.
1985 - Installation of beach wells for Qatar University Aquarium at Umm Said, Qatar.
1986 - Beach filters for MAFF Fisheries Laboratories, Conwy, North Wales.
1987 - 100m3/hour intake for Dolphin Project, Tenerife.


During the 1990's SWS Filtration has continued to offer the benefit of its experience installing sub-sand sea water intakes for a wide range of Government, University and private projects. Clients have included Blue Circle Industries, Fisons, Unilever, Biwater, National Coal Board, Post Office, British Antarctic Survey, Sea Life Centres, and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Since no two situations can ever be identical, SWS treats each and every enquiry individually. The basic principles remain the same although we continually seek to expand our range of techniques using new materials as they become available.

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