Site Data Questionnaire for Proposed Sub-Sand Sea Water Intakes

To comment usefully on your proposed sea water supply we need as much information as possible. Please answer as many of the following questions as you can, as fully as possible.
  1. Purpose for which water is needed?

  2. Volume required? Per day? Per week? Will you need to pump continuously or not?

  3. What is the water quality... a) of the raw sea water, and b) required for end use?

  4. Tides.
    • What is the maximum amplitude (vertical rise and fall)?
    • What is the maximum tidal recession( horizontal movement)?

  5. Height above extreme high water of nearest convenient pump site and distance from it.

  6. Please describe the composition of beach material near the extreme low water mark, for example is it solid rock, large stones, sandy, clay or mud?

    If sandy give approximate percentage:- below 1 mm: 1 - 5 mm: above 5 mm.
    How deep and how extensive is the sand?
    If possible send us a small representative sample of approximately 50 grams.

  7. Nature of beach:
    • What are the shoreline contours like from high water mark 1 m below extreme low water?
    • Draw a plan (sketch map) of the beach where the intake is needed.
    • Is the coastline or shore subject to either erosion or to deposition?

  8. Other factors:
    • Are there any statutory limitation on sea water intake installations?
    • Are there likely to be any exceptional conditions e.g. tropical storms or tidal waves?
    • Any other points to help us determine the feasibility of a sub-sand sea water intake.

  9. Please state precise location, if possible distance from large towns which we would see on our maps.
Please send sketches, photographs or any other information you think might be useful.

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