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Throughout the tropics thousands of small villages still depend on unprotected springs and polluted water holes for their water requirements despite the fact that a variety of simple techniques are available to protect springs and improve the quality of water from these sources for minimum cost.

Since 1979 donations from Rotary Clubs, schools, Churches and private individuals, have provided pumps and filters totally free of charge to workers wishing to implement water improvement schemes in their particular areas. A few sets have been sent to Central and South America but the great majority are now being sent to Central Africa, in particular to Zaire and Zambia, where the SWS Rower Pump is proving to have a specially valuable rôle. In a typical situation the pump is placed alongside a water hole or low level spring which enables the villagers to draw water directly into their containers without needing to put their containers into the water itself. The water hole may then be surrounded by a low wall or perhaps back-filled with sand and gravel to protect it from external pollution and contamination.

SWS tries to inform all donors of the precise destinations to which their gifts have been sent, together with the name of the worker we are in contact with and details of the project he or she is setting up. The worker is then encouraged to send progress reports which often serve to establish a link between the donor group and the development project they have supported.

Several times the donation of a few pumps and filters to a new Project has prepared the way for substantial funding from a larger charity or the British Government's Overseas Development Administration.

Three basic rules still apply:-

  1. The sites have to be suitable. We determine this by sending out questionnaires, and having careful discussions with potential recipients.
  2. Somebody competent must be available to oversee installation, preferably someone we have trained briefly either at home or in the field.
  3. The chances of delivery must be good. This provision, for instance, sadly rules out projects in South Sudan which are so badly affected by the civil war.


Donations of any size are welcomed but by way of a guideline £40 will fund a filter and pipework necessary to protect a hillside spring while £275 pays for a complete pump set together with pipework, fittings and filter. The above prices include air freight and packing.

All donations received are put directly into a special deposit account where they remain until they are allocated to a specific consignment. Donors are then informed of the destination to which their gifts have been applied. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to tell you what projects we are currently supporting.


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