SWS Rower Pumps - What the users think.

As the developer and manufacturer of SWS Rower Pumps it is easy for ME to say that the pumps are wonderful, but I would prefer you to hear from people using them what they really think. Here are extracts from three typical letters.

You will appreciate that with hundreds of different users, day in and day out, it would be highly surprising if none of the pumps ever broke down so to hear that the majority of the pumps are still in use after four years is most encouraging. The valves are easy to replace so it is simple to re-commission the pumps even after a period of disuse.

11th March 1992

St Francis Parish, ACUMET
PO BOX 2912, Kampala,

Dear Richard,

Greetings from the Bush, I hope you are well and have enough water at home.
Out here in North East Uganda we are expecting a drought that will probably affect the crops and harvest this year. If it wasn’t for the rowing pumps you have already sent, we would have had to close down the Dispensary which is serving many T.B. and Meningitis in-patients. By digging wells to 20 ft, we are managing to extract water that is near the surface. With a large Refugee Camp next to the parish of around some 7,000 families, the extra water is of great value... I should now like to apply for another ten pumps. The need for this type of pump is great because of the practical application of the pump to the circumstances and the availability of water in this area.

John Hodgson.

Kigezi Water Projects
P O Box 3, Kabale, Uganda

12 October 1992

Dear Richard,

You will be glad to hear that the ten Rower pumps reached Kabale early this month. We plan to start installing them at low level spring sites in November. The pump installed a few months ago is working well at a village called Kabirizi north of Kabale. It has helped solve a problem of unsafe water that has plagued that place for years despite the existence of three generations of spring protections projects. The community were very grateful. It is hoped to protect many such difficult sites in future.

With best wishes,

Tim Fowler, Diocesan Water Engineer.

Nundu Rural Health Program
BP 667, Bujumbura
Burundi, Africa

3rd November 1992

Dear Mr Cansdale,

Greetings from Nundu, Zaire. We are pleased to inform you that two to four years after installation of the first ten SWS Rower pumps in Nundu Health Zone the majority of them are in good condition. Our supply of pumps is now exhausted and we would like to ask you for a shipment of six more pumps and a generous assortment of spare parts.

Dr. Elisabeth Fries, Consultant to Nundu Rural Health Program.

Since 1982 we have made about 1,750 SWS Rower Pumps. We have also helped set up assembly workshops in Zambia & Kenya both of which are proving successful.

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